Why are you running and what drew you to fundraise for the Hospice?

What drew me to fundraise for the Hospice was wanting to give back to them after experiencing the amazing work they do first hand.

If it is for someone, who they were, what they meant to you, what would they think of you doing this?

I am doing this for my dad, Mike Kirk. He was the most inspirational person I know and is still continuing to inspire me and motivate me. Quite honestly I think he would think I was absolutely bonkers!! But I would also like to think he would be very proud of me, and he would be dying to coach me through the training until the big day, he always loved to help others reach their running goals.

What are your biggest fears or anything you need to overcome?

My biggest fears doing this is not being able to finish, I feel like I am very mentally strong and motivated right, I just need to get physically strong now too. I am so determined to finish even if I have to walk it all, I am just nervous about the unpredictable happening.

What’s your best training incentive / help – a song maybe, food etc?

My favourite song to listen to when running is Run boy run by Woodkid, it pushes me to run faster as I feel like I’m in some sort of action movie

Also, what I didn’t realise until after I got my London Marathon 2024 place, was that, London Marathon 2024 is taking place exactly a year to the day that my dad passed away, 21 April 2023. This is a major sign for me that he is watching over me and will be there with me the whole day

What do you want to get out of running in this amazing world-renowned event?

I want to be able to raise money for Severn Hospice for all the amazing, selfless work that they do, but mostly I want to be able to run this marathon as my dad did in 2017, he always wanted me to run like him, so I want to make him proud and try do something he loved so much!

What support are you getting from family / friends?

My mum Sarah, is running Manchester Marathon (my dad’s favourite Marathon) a week before my London Marathon, so she is supporting me the whole way as we are training together! I also have support from all my dad’s running friends as he was a run leader for Oswestry Olympians, so lots of tips and tricks from the ones who know what they’re doing!

Anything else you would like to add?

I am so excited to be running London Marathon in 2024 for Severn Hospice.

In 2023, my dad, Mike Kirk, sadly passed after a sudden, and unexpected cardiac event at age 60.

He was cared for in his final days at Severn Hospice, who made those final hours so special and dignified for me and my family and this is one way I can give my thanks back to everyone at Severn, help future families in our unfortunate position, and honour my dad in a way he would love!

My dad was a keen runner, I however, am a complete novice. He was a run leader in the Oswestry Olympians, had ran London and Manchester marathons multiple times before, and completed many triathlons too. I am running this for my dad, who would be so proud to see me do something like this and to make me feel closer to him.

He wanted to run London Marathon 2024 in 3 hours 25 mins, I won’t be able to do it as quick as him, maybe double that time!!

Something so special to me about London Marathon 2024, is that it is going to be exactly a year to the day that my dad passed. This is my sign that my dad is watching over me taking this fantastic journey, and pushing me right to the finish line.

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