Management of Severn Hospice

The day to day management of our hospice is undertaken by our Senior Management Team consisting of:

Heather Tudor – Chief Executive

Becky Richardson – Director of Care

Tracie Harrison – Director of Income Generation

Prof Derek Willis – Medical Director

Kerry Davies – Director of Finance and Information

The Senior Management Team is accountable to the Board of Trustees.

We are always striving to deliver the highest possible standards of care to local people.

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring we do just that by shepherding the hospice to meet the future demands we face.

All of our Trustees are unpaid volunteers who have a wide range of skills and backgrounds, bringing expertise from the private, public and charity sectors.

As a group they have five key areas of responsibility including, shaping the strategic management of the hospice; ensuring the hospice’s finances are managed appropriately; overseeing compliance with the complicated legal frameworks that govern the healthcare and charity sectors; bringing their individual professional expertise to the table; and being ambassadors for the hospice both internally and externally.

Our President

Sir Algernon Heber-Percy, former HM Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire

Our Board of Trustees

Chair – Jeanette Whitford

Chair of the finance committee – John Wardle

Nigel Bathurst

Kathryn Downton

Paul Coackley

Dr David Northern

Professor Debra Towse

Dr Ashley Fraser

Steve Bleakley

Paul Gold

Andy Clarkson

Nicola Crosby

Jacqui Casey

Daniel Robinson

(As of November 2023)


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