Why are you running and what drew you to fundraise for the Hospice?

My first experience with the hospice was in 2003 when my gran received support. There wasn’t a hospice in Telford at that time and she used the Shrewsbury hospice. Since then, friends, extended family and close family have accessed the hospice. In 2017, we made use of the family facilities when my mother-in-law (Karen Robinson) spent her remaining days and weeks at the Telford hospice.

Being able to stay over at the hospice meant that we were seconds away from her when she needed us the most. During covid, my grandad was able to access the hospice for his final days which meant we could be with him. This was a time where if he had been in hospital, we wouldn’t have been able to see him. 

We lost a work colleague who also spent time in the hospice. My school took part in the Rudolf Relay to raise funds for the Severn Hospice whilst enjoying a festive mince pie or two!!!

What are your biggest fears or anything you need to overcome?

Training in the winter months will be tough but support from family, and the memories of loved ones will keep me going. 

What do you want to get out of running in this amazing world-renowned event?

Being selected to run the London Marathon for the hospice is an absolute honour. Everyone I speak to has connections with the hospice and is supportive. I can’t wait to run the ]marathon in my Severn Hospice t-shirt!

What support are you getting from family / friends?

Friends and family are training with me, and if they’re not running, they are cycling next to me. The day will be amazing I’m sure, with family and friends dotted around the course but it really is the support with the training miles that make the difference. 

Anything else you would like to add…..

Every sponsorship received gives me motivation to go out an run – especially during times when it would be so easy to stay inside in the dry and warm!!! 

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