Tracy and Evelyn

Tracy and Evelyn celebrating

We held a royal tea party on 14th February at our shop in Craven Arms to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of our long serving volunteers.

Our beloved volunteer Evelyn Thomas was treated to a birthday party fit for a queen as her 90th birthday closely coincided with Queen Elizabeth II’s. She was treated to a cake and a buffet with tea. Colleagues and loved ones presented Evelyn with flowers, chocolates, a farthing coin which can be worn as a broach, and a photobook of her memories at the shop.

Evelyn has been volunteering at our shop for 25 years and has become a much loved and familiar face to staff, volunteers and the local community.  Everyone wanted to celebrate Evelyn’s long life and let her know how special she is.

Evelyn said: “I was overwhelmed when I realised they were throwing me a birthday party. I had so many presents and cards. It was beautiful.

“The shop’s certainly grown over the years and looks lovely and modern. It’s a home away from home and the people here are a second family. I’ve got lots of wonderful memories and I wouldn’t change them for the world.”

Tracy Jackson is the Manager at the shop and she said: “I’ve known Evelyn for a long time and she is a wonderful woman. She joined the shop in the first week of it opening. I started as a volunteer and Evelyn has been here the

Evelyn celebrating after 5 years at the shop

Evelyn celebrating after 5 years at the shop

entire time, working first on a Saturday morning and now on Tuesday afternoons.

“Evelyn is a truly incredible person, bubbly and full of smiles. We’re all looking forward to celebrating her 100th birthday and with an even bigger cake!”

If you would like to volunteer at one of our Severn Hospice shops click here for more information on how to apply.


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