Gift Aid explained

Add 25% more to your donation with Gift Aid – it’s free!

Instantly add 25% to the value of your donation – at no cost to you – if you choose Gift Aid.

If you are a UK taxpayer and become a Gift Aid supporter, we will receive £1.25 for every £1 you donate – it’s that simple.

It works if you are donating to our shops, or making a monetary donation.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one! Read on to find out what to do next.

Donating to our shops

If you’re making a donation in kind at any of our shops we will get £1.25 for every £1 your donation raises if you Gift Aid it.

Next time you’re dropping off at any of our shops, tell us you want to Gift Aid your items and we can register your gift there and then. We’ll give you a donor number so every time you donate to our shops in future you just need to tell us your number and we can tag your items to claim the extra 25% Gift Aid when we sell what you’ve given us.

We’ve got an app now too, which makes it even simpler and quicker to donate your bags once you’ve registered that first time: drop, scan and go!

Already registered with our shops for Gift Aid? Get the app here.

Monetary donations

All you have to do is confirm you are a UK taxpayer when you make your next donation to us, even if you have registered for Gift Aid with another charity. You only need to do it once and all your future donations to Severn Hospice are covered – it’s even automatically backdated to anything you’ve given us in the past four years. How good is that!

You can do that right now on our donations page here.

If you are being sponsored, ask your sponsors to complete their own Gift Aid declarations. Or even better set up a Justgiving page where all the Gift Aid paperwork is automatically sorted through the website.

If you are asking for donations instead of gifts or flowers on a special occasion, we can help with that too and send you pre-printed envelopes and a collection box. Using these will make sure we can claim the maximum Gift Aid on top of the donations themselves. Get in touch on email: or call us on 01743 354450.

The taxman runs the shop and cash Gift Aid schemes separately, so you just make a make a one-off declaration for both to start with. After that, it’s all sorted – and we get 25% extra of EVERYTHING you donate.

Thank you!

Gifts that don’t qualify under the scheme

We can only claim on your donations if you are a UK taxpayer and if you are donating in your own right. This means we cannot claim Gift Aid on donations made by companies. There are plenty of tax-efficient ways in which businesses can help us and your own accountant should be able to advise on these.

We can only claim on money that you have personally paid tax on. This means we cannot claim Gift Aid if you collect money from other people and then pass it on to us (unless everyone you collect from signs a Gift Aid declaration and clearly indicates the value of their individual contribution).

We can only claim Gift Aid on donations you make and don’t receive a benefit from. This means that we cannot claim if you pay for tickets to see a show, even if the show is to raise money for Severn Hospice, or if you buy things like Christmas cards from us.

We cannot claim Gift Aid on donations left to us in someone’s will.

If you have any questions about Gift Aid and Severn Hospice, please contact or call 01743 354450.


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