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Lauren’s story

When Lauren’s grandfather Dave passed away from cancer during the first couple of months of the pandemic, her family knew there was one thing they could do to keep his memory alive. 

Despite mourners not being able to attend the small family funeral, Lauren’s family arranged for donations to be made in the retired ambulance driver’s memory to us as we had cared for him in his final weeks. 

“He was a lovely man, I adored him,” said Lauren. “We wanted to do whatever we could for the hospice to say thank you for the care he received.  

“Because of the pandemic, we couldn’t hold a traditional funeral with lots of mourners so instead asked for donations.  

“Just to be able to give something to the hospice for the love and care they showed him meant a great deal to my grandma and to the rest of the family. We will do whatever we can to support the work of Severn Hospice, they were there for my grandad, and we will be there for them.” 

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Michaela’s story

Meeting as teenagers, Michaela and Jo remained friends for the next 20 years. They went through many of life’s biggest events together and spent hours in each other’s company. 

But when Jo was diagnosed with cancer, Michaela knew she had to step up and support her best friend. 

Jo was admitted to our hospice in Telford where she received our care, but she passed away in 2017. 

Michaela and her friends knew they must do something to keep Jo’s memory alive and so they started their fundraising journey. 

She gives regularly to the hospice – knowing that while our care is free to anyone who needs it, it doesn’t come without cost. 

“Jo was my best friend, we had known each other for 20 years after meeting as teenagers when I worked at a pub, and she worked at a children’s soft play centre. Of course, we bickered but she meant the world to me. She had her son, and she was a wonderful mum – we all miss her so much. 

“Giving back to the hospice is just my way of saying thank you for the amazing care she received.” 

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Sharon’s story

Sharon runs; she runs marathons and half marathons, she walks up hills and mountains and she organises raffles, sweepstakes, and tombolas, all to raise money for us.  

“I am fundraising for all the people I care for, have cared for, and will care for. Other people can paint and sell a picture to raise money for the hospice, I use my love of exercise to fundraise. Family friends have had to use the hospice, and this is my way of remembering them and making sure that the compassionate, supportive, and dignified care the hospice provides is available to anyone who needs it. 

Sharon is our Hospice at Home sister. She joined the hospice working nights for 18 months and three years ago she became sister. Before that she had been a district nurse. 

“People do not realise the care is out there. It is a whole service, not just what we can offer with Hospice at Home: we work with outreach, with social workers and with the chaplaincy teams. We know that when someone is given a diagnosis, they do not know what is going to happen. We want to take that uncertainty away for them.  

“It is a privilege to take them on their journey. We are there to help, to assist and not to take over. It is their home, their family, we fit in with them.” 

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Katy’s story

Katy’s husband Matt was cared for by us in 2019, just months after the father-of-two had been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.

Despite their initial apprehension, they discovered the hospice was a place of sanctuary and compassion, where Matt was treated as more than just a patient and where he was able to carry on being a brilliant dad to his two young sons.

Since his death at the age of 39, Katy has raised thousands of pounds for us and has organised charity events including a Black Tie ball and regular poker nights.

“I will do whatever I can to support Severn Hospice,” said Katy. “I never thought we would need to use a hospice, you don’t at our age, but then we did and everyone we met helped us in some way or another. They lifted a weight off Matt’s shoulders and allowed him to carry on being the brilliant dad and husband that he was. To them, he wasn’t just a patient, they really cared about him and that made the world of difference.”  

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Marion’s story

Marion wanted to share her story of hospice care so others can see what a difference their support makes.

For the first time, partner Bruce was being looked after as a person not just a patient, she says. It meant so much to them both.

“The experience of the hospice is absolutely, totally different to anything you’ve ever experienced before. Without the support of Severn Hospice, Bruce and I wouldn’t have had the quality time together in the last few months of his life. Knowing Bruce was safe meant I had time for the other things that we both cared about.

“Like all hospices across the UK, a large proportion of Severn Hospice’s funding has to be raised directly from members of the public. As a patient there is no charge for the service which is most unusual. I wanted to share our story so others could see the difference Severn Hospice’s care makes and why their support matters.”

Marion made a short film for us, describing how important hospice care was for Bruce – and her.

Hannah’s story

When Hannah told her mum that she was planning a holiday to drive across America, there was only one thing for it – she was going with her. 

Now the memories of their trip along Route 66 are what Hannah holds close to her heart, as well as the care her mum, and the whole family, received from our hospice staff.

Because when Hannah’s mum was diagnosed with cancer she didn’t have a lengthy battle with it – it was fast and aggressive. 

“My mum spent her last few days at Severn Hospice, and the staff were absolutely incredible. I can never ever thank them enough for everything they did for her, and for us. 

“They made mum’s agonising last few days a little more comfortable and were there for us through it all,” Hannah said. 

“Severn Hospice not only provide care to terminal patients at the hospice, but also in the community and at local hospitals. The work they do is incredible.” 

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Nick’s story

Nick’s wife Kristin was cared for by us and sadly died three years ago in February 2019.

Our team has not stopped caring for Nick or his three children who have continued to benefit from our bereavement services over the years.

Nick said: “The hospice staff are outstanding; not of this world, they are a different kind of people. They support me and my kids.

“I went through a lot of grieving during the illness, but the hospice was there for me. And I still get calls. They haven’t stopped caring because Kristin has gone.

“We didn’t want cancer to steal our children’s childhood. And it hasn’t. It was Kristin’s wish for them to be okay. And they are – my son John even volunteered at the Severn Hospice charity shop for his Duke of Edinburgh award.”

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