Outpatient clinics

Our team runs regular clinics in Shrewsbury, Telford and Newtown to help patients maintain their independence while accessing care from the hospice.

Our clinics include:

  • Outpatients – We run regular consultant-led clinics based in our Day Hospices in Shrewsbury and Telford and in Newtown, Powys. The Shrewsbury clinic is run on a Thursday afternoon where Dr Alice O’Connor reviews general patients with palliative care needs. The Telford clinic is run all day on Wednesdays by Dr Derek Willis and takes direct referrals from GPs, CNSs and secondary care colleagues. In Newtown, Dr Claire Stockdale will see patients with palliative care needs who live in North Powys on Wednesdays each week.
  • Motor Neurone Disease (MND) – Our MND clinic, run by Dr Claire Stockdale and a staff nurse, takes place on the last two Thursdays of the month and provides advice on symptom control and support for patients with Motor Neurone Disease. The clinic is available for patients from diagnosis and is supplemented with home visits for those patients who are no longer able to attend but who still require this support. Patients with MND form part of the increasing number of people our Hospice cares for who have not been diagnosed with cancer. Dr Stockdale works closely with the local MND coordinator and neurology team to ensure patients are seen quickly. Referrals are accepted from GPs, CNS’s and secondary care colleagues.
  • Breathlessness – Our breathlessness clinic provides advice and symptom control for patients who have been diagnosed with primary or secondary lung cancer or other life-limiting lung diseases. External referrals to this will be reviewed by our consultant first.
  • Lymphoedema – This clinic helps patients with Lymphoedema manage their condition by providing advice on controlling symptoms and treating affected areas.
  • Complementary therapy – Our trained therapists can provide a wide variety of treatments for patients attending the clinic aiding relaxation and relief from distressing symptoms.


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