Bereavement support

Losing a loved one can spark a range of emotions which you may need some help dealing with.

We offer support to anybody who has been affected by the death of a patient.

Grief is a very personal thing and people cope with it in different ways. For some, it can take time to come to terms with their loss while others may just need help with the immediate practical and emotional issues after a death.

How we can help

Being able to talk to someone can be a great comfort following the death of a loved one which is why we offer individual support with a member of our bereavement team. We also run group meetings for those who feel sharing their experiences would help.

Our ‘Elephants Never Forget’ service helps children and families who have a relative with an incurable illness or who have experienced the death of a relative.

Our bereavement support team can also give you practical advice about the arrangements that have to be made following a death.

We have a revolving door policy which means that if at any time additional support is needed, no matter how long it has been, we will be there to help.


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