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Sister trio to walk Quarry event in memory of loved ones

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The heartbreak of losing loved ones at Severn Hospice has brought the family of sisters Steph, Sue and Lesley even closer together. They first experienced our care back in 2013, after Steph Hardman’s husband of 37 years, Jim, was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. The grandfather received ‘amazing’ care at our Telford hospice and spent… Read more »

Elaine to take on Forget Me Not Walk in memory of parents

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Great-grandparents Jean and Doug Edge were happily married for more than 60 years and their family will never forget the special memories they have of them. The couple, from Shrewsbury, received end-of-life care with us within the space of just a year after both being diagnosed with cancer. For their daughter, Elaine Shaw, saying goodbye… Read more »

Chloe to remember dad Adrian at Forget Me Not Walk

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“I will never forget having a laugh with dad; he always acted silly around me,” said 10 year-old Chloe Powell, whose dad Adrian died in our care. “We would go on long walks together, until he couldn’t walk very far – then we would lie in bed and watch films together and listen to music…. Read more »