Tea and cake were on the cards when colleagues threw a surprise celebration ahead of one of our long serving volunteer’s 90th birthday.

When kind-hearted Joan Sadler was at work during her usual Tuesday morning shift, little did she know her hospice colleagues were preparing a secret party for her.

Staff and volunteers gathered at our Shrewsbury hospice’s Breidden ward to wish her a special birthday with cake, cards and a bouquet of flowers.

Joan, from Baschurch, who has been volunteering with us for well over two decades and has been a much-loved friend to staff, volunteers, patients and their families, was overwhelmed by the surprise.

She said: “I was not expecting it at all – I saw everyone gathering in the conservatory but I thought there was a staff meeting going on.

“It was such a lovely surprise. I have been volunteering here for about 22 years since my sister died and I want to keep on going until I reach 25 – then I’ll feel like I’ve given back everything this place has given me.

“I love coming here. It’s a special place and the people are wonderful.”

In 1996, two years after her sister Olive died in our care, Joan decided she wanted to do something in return and so started volunteering in Bicton.

Her commitment to volunteering at the hospice was clear when she was concerned about who was going to fill the water jugs while she was away celebrating her milestone birthday.

Joan celebrated the big day on Monday, February 11 with family and friends.

Ward sister, Jo Hornsey, thanked Joan for her dedication to the hospice during her time here.

She added: “Joan comes in to volunteer for us every Tuesday and is one of the kindest people you could ever meet – she’s such an important part of the team.

“We wanted to celebrate Joan’s 90th birthday to thank her for her hard work over the past two decades and let her know how special she is.”

Volunteering with Severn Hospice can be very rewarding and is a good way to meet new people while giving something back.

If you would like to find out more information about volunteering at Severn Hospice click here.


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