When the family of Mike Lodge first had contact with us, they didn’t know quite what to expect.

Their experience of hospices had been limited and it all seemed quite overwhelming. 

The different departments, from outreach to Hospice at Home and our inpatient wards were confusing. Old ideas about what hospices were also came to the fore. 


But when Mike’s wife Dorothy and grown-up children Guy and Caroline met our nursing teams, they realised that many of the preconceptions they had were incorrect. Everything became clearer and the family soon saw that there was much more to a hospice than end-of-life care. 

“Like many families we were daunted by the idea of hospice support at home. We didn’t know what to expect or what to ask for,” said Guy. 

“All our trepidation and apprehension, however, quickly disappeared on meeting the wonderful Severn Hospice team. They guided us with unrelenting support, compassion, and kindness through each step of our final journey. We will never forget the professionalism they provided us with: they knew precisely when to step back and give our family time, and when to step in and wrap their support around us”.


Dorothy added: “Their absolute focus was about ensuring dignity for my husband and our family. It was such a hard time for all of us, but they did all they could to make this painful and difficult moment one which was full of love, wisdom and comfort.” 

To say thank you for our care and for the support we gave, Mike’s friends, family and colleagues have raised over £7,000 in his memory. 


Caroline added: “We will forever be grateful for the care so warmly and sincerely given to all of us by Severn Hospice.” 


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