Each year hundreds of patients benefit from attending our Day Hospices in Shrewsbury, Telford and Newtown. From time to time when patients become stable and are well enough to live independently without our support they can be discharged from our Day Hospice service.

Sandra Halford from Shrewsbury has been attending our Day Hospice in Bicton Heath for a number of years. Currently Sandra is well enough to no longer need our care and will soon be discharged. If at any time Sandra’s situation changes and she needs our help we will be there for her and her family. 

“When I was first diagnosed with leukaemia I didn’t want to come to the Hospice because like most people I thought it was going to be a sad place, but I found that in fact it’s the opposite.” Sandra says “We have sad times, some of the friends I have made over the years are sadly not with us anymore but we have a lot more happy times. When you walk through the door you know you feel safe and loved. People don’t really talk about their illness unless they want to but it’s nice to know you’re all in the same boat. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather you soon start to feel better when you get here.

Sandra explains how much the Hospice has helped her over the years and talks about some of the activities she has enjoyed during her time with us.

“Since I’ve been coming to the Hospice I’ve really come out of myself. It was dreadful when I was diagnosed with leukaemia; I never knew these sorts of places existed. There are not enough words to say how much the Hospice has changed my life.

“I’ve enjoyed all of the lovely complementary therapies you can have; I’ve had some reflexology which really helps my arthritis. It truly is a wonderful place and all of the staff and volunteers are so nice and lovely.

“At the Hospice anything goes really. If you like doing arts and crafts there’s always something for you to do. It’s nice as you don’t know what you are going to do from one week to the next. We’ve made some lovely things over the years. If you don’t really like crafts you can take walks round the gardens and see all the flowers. We sometimes arrange flowers which is always very popular with the ladies.

“The meals we get at the Day Hospice are lovely; it’s always nice to have something that somebody else has made for you. We sometimes get to eat some of the things which have been grown in the Hospice greenhouse which are always delicious. When it’s your birthday they make you a birthday cake, it was the first time I’d ever had a birthday cake in my life.

“They can arrange transport for you to and from the Hospice if you can’t get a lift. I used to come on the transport but now I’m able to come in my own car so that frees a place up for somebody else who needs it.

“If you have a problem or would like to see the doctor about something the nurses will take you to see the Hospice doctor.

“I started coming to the Day Hospice about seven years ago. I found it quite daunting at first but from the moment the transport volunteers came to pick me up they couldn’t do enough for me. Each week I go home smiling instead of being gloomy. I will be leaving soon as I’m luckily on the right side of things, I will be sad to leave but you can’t stay here for the rest of your days. I will never forget all of the happy times I’ve had here.”


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