An annual festive fundraiser organised by the Rotary Clubs of Telford District led to a donation of £20,000 for us. 

For 27 years, the clubs have raised funds for Severn Hospice with their Tree of Light, which stands in Telford’s shopping centre over the Christmas period. 

Last week, Peter Seaward, club committee chairman and other members of the four Rotary Clubs involved – Wellington, Telford Centre, Ironbridge and Wrekin – visited Apley, Telford, to hand-deliver a large cheque. 


They were met by our director of income generation Tracie Harrison as well as head of fundraising Elodie Home, who thanked them for their generosity and their on-going and much appreciated support. 

Tracie said: “I want to extend my sincere thanks to the four Rotary Clubs who make this happen each year. 

“Each and every person who is involved with any and all stages of the appeal, is so incredibly appreciated by everyone at Severn Hospice. 


“Not only does the Tree of Light Appeal raise vital funds for Severn Hospice and a number of other charities, but it also plays an extremely important part in the lives of the people of Telford.  

“Although Christmas is generally a time of celebration, we each have friends and loved ones who can no longer be with us, so having a way to remember them and keep their memories alive at Christmas, is so important – you at the Rotary Clubs of Telford enable this to happen. On behalf of everyone at Severn Hospice, thank you all so much.” 


Peter added: “The four Rotary’s of Telford are pleased to serve the community by giving them the opportunity to remember their loved ones and to donate to local charities especially the Severn Hospice.   

“I would like to thank all who made a donation especially in these difficult times I hope you will join us again later this year.” 

The Tree of Light gives people the opportunity to commemorate the name or names of loved ones at Christmas time. Names are displayed on lists around the Tree of Light and in the windows of Tranter Lowe’s offices in Oakengates.  Names are also displayed on the Tree of Light website and in the Telford Journal.  Donations start at £5. 


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