Dr Derek Willis 11th Pal Care CongressOur Lead Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Dr Derek Willis has returned to Shropshire after chairing the 11th Palliative Care Congress in Glasgow.

Hundreds of delegates from around the world attended the three day conference, which is a joint collaboration between the Association of Palliative Medicine and the Palliative Care Research Society, to discuss some of the key issues facing those working within palliative care.

Dr Willis, Lead Consultant at Severn Hospice, said: “This year’s congress featured many interesting and challenging topics including the latest thinking regarding pain control and the palliative care needs of older people in care homes.  We also discussed death, dying and grief in the context of today’s global society, looking at things from a psychological, ethical and practical vantage point.

“One of the main themes we focused on was treating each patient as an individual; addressing their medical, social, psychological and spiritual needs.  This is one of the cornerstones that the modern hospice movement is based upon.

“It was an honour to chair this year’s congress and represent Severn Hospice at such a prominent event for those working within palliative care from across the globe. This year we had delegates from as far afield as New Zealand.”



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