Severn Hospice chief executive Heather Tudor

Latest lockdown measures have left us reeling as we have been forced to close all our shops for a second time and we face more restrictions on our fundraising.

We have to raise more than £8 million a year from the public to provide our services.


Our finances were devastated by the spring lockdown, removing our ability to raise £100,000 a week and we were already predicting we would end the year with a £500,000 fundraising deficit.

Shops in Wales were already closed because of the fire-break there, now there are fears more financial woes as another four-week lockdown looms in England.

Our Chief Executive Heather Tudor said: “We have to raise £2 for every £3 we spend on care and this is getting serious now. We were fortunate that we started the pandemic with a strong reserves position thanks to pre-donated funds, but we can’t rely on these forever.


“We already knew we would be drawing down on these reserves to fill our fundraising shortfall to get us through the next few months, and that’s why we have them, but we are increasingly worried about how long this can continue.

“Our supporters have been wonderful throughout but they are also coping with a pandemic and facing their own uncertainties so it is a huge cause for concern for us.

“We can’t stop caring and every person we are helping is someone who might otherwise need direct help from the NHS, so the part we play in the community’s healthcare network has never been more important.

“Supporting us has never mattered more,” she said.


There were a number of ways that people could continue to support us, she said: “Our website gives people lots of options to help us, from buying their Christmas cards in our online shop to giving us a donation instead of a birthday present, to joining our lottery or setting up a regular donation. Our Christmas raffle is still running too.”


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