Play our Christmas raffle and help nurses like Katie care.

Christmas will be very different for everyone this year, not just the families Katie and her colleagues have got to know. Every time they visit a patient in their home and help them and their family, it is made possible by someone like you supporting us – and we still need your help and are asking you to play our Christmas raffle today.


Every ticket bought supports the care our nurses can give – and it gives you the chance to win a £5,000 jackpot.

The pandemic may have stopped so many things we took for granted and saw as normal, but it didn’t stop the need for our specialist care. We have faced a devastating financial blow because of the pandemic; in the lockdown we instantly lost our ability to raise key funds as our shops were shut, all our events cancelled and all our supporters asked to stay home to be safe.


When you donate to us, 86p in every £1 goes directly on care, the remaining 14p goes towards raising the next £1. So when you give to us you can give with confidence and know that your contribution is making a difference to the community where you live.

Supporting our Christmas raffle gives a gift of care that lasts all year so please do help us today if you can.


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