As a charity we have to rely on the generosity of others to help raise the money needed to fund all of our services across Shropshire and Mid Wales.

Last year we raised £4.7m through a combination of kind donations, hospice Lottery, our network of shops, gifts in people’s wills, people out in the community raising money on our behalf and hospice events.

Katrina, Sharron and Yvonne are three sisters from Telford who took part in our Midnight Dream Walk this year. Like many others they have their own reasons for supporting the hospice.

“I think it’s really difficult as you never imagine losing a parent or loved one in general,” says Yvonne. “To find out that someone you love has a terminal illness that’s not going to go away is horrific.

“You want to do everything you possibly can for someone you love that has a terminal illness but we didn’t have the knowledge or the know how to care for mum.” Yvonne adds.

“The first time we really heard about the hospice was when mum started coming to the Day Hospice. I can remember the first time mum came here, she was pampered. She had her nails done and some reflexology, she absolutely loved it.

“When mum came to stay for three weeks they accommodated us all, there was nine of us staying at the hospice in the last week. Sometimes it was a giggle, sometimes it was sad but it’s just a fantastic place,” says Katrina.

“It’s comforting to know mum didn’t suffer in her final days. She was comfortable and free from pain which is a comfort to us as a family. People think the hospice is like a hospital but it’s nothing like that at all. We knew mum was in the right place 110%, no doubt about it,” adds Sharon.

Our Midnight Dream Walks are two of our largest events with nearly 1000 women taking part raising £70,000 for the hospice. Katrina was part of a large team that took part in the walk whilst Sharon and Yvonne were part of an army of volunteers who helped us run the event.

“I did the walk last year, it wasn’t long after we lost mum so it was quite emotional. This year there was a group of 25 of us doing the walk, I felt it was important for us to take part again.

“It’s a fantastic atmosphere on the night, everyone cheering you on as you leave and whilst you’re out on the walk” says Katrina.

“The Midnight Dream Walk is a great way to raise money for the hospice. It’s a bunch of women that all come together to have a good time and support the hospice. Everyone has their own reason why they are walking or volunteering.

“As the hospice had done so much for mum and us as a family it is important for us to be part of the walks. Although Sharon and I didn’t walk this year we still wanted to be part of it and help raise as much as possible for the hospice so we decided to volunteer. The hospice needs all the support they can get,” Yvonne adds.


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