Elysia and KyleThere are many reason why people make a donation to our cause, some want support a local charity that helps people in their community whilst others want to make a donation in memory of a loved one who is sadly no longer with us.

When 18-year-old Elysia and her brother Kyle, aged 15, inherited some money following the death of their beloved Nan and Granddad they decided they wanted to donate some of it to the hospice so others may benefit from our care in the future.

“Our grandparents were great people,” Elysia says. “They were two of the kindest people you could have ever met and would do anything to help someone even if they didn’t know them.

“When our Nanny Tonia died in July 2011 she was just 50 years old. All the staff at Severn Hospice gave her so much love and care in her final weeks. Our Granddad was very grateful for the help the hospice gave them both through such a difficult time. They were also there for all the family and friends who needed their help. We live over 200 miles away and they were so supportive even though we were so far away. They would always be on the other end of the phone or email if we needed them. At such a sad time it is of great comfort to have such great support.

“Our Nan was always a great motivator, especially for Granddad, and always gave him a kick in the right direction no matter how poorly she was feeling.  When she could longer do that the hospice helped him and the rest of the family stay strong.”

The care and support Elysia and Kyle’s family received from the hospice inspired them to start fundraising for our cause.

“Since our Nan passed away we as a family have been doing various things to help raise money in her memory to show our gratitude for the hard work and care the hospice gives. They are fantastic and make such a difference to people at times of extreme sadness,” Kyle adds.

“Sadly our Granddad, we call him our Taid, also passed away last year at the age of 54. We miss them both very much but take some comfort from knowing they are now together again where they always wanted to be.

“Our Taid has left us some money and we wanted to give some of it to the hospice in their memory. Nan and Taid were all for helping others and supporting the good in all things so we think they would be proud of us. Without people raising money for the hospice they would not have been able to care for our family, we hope our donation will help other families like us.”

To find out more about the many different ways you can make a donation to support our vital work across Shropshire and Mid Wales please click here.


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