Our creative therapist, Amanda, runs a Christmas stall full of crafty goods which raises thousands of pounds for us every year. Last week we had a special visitor, Alison, who donated dozens of items handmade by her mum, Glenys.

Glenys was cared for us for a few years and made lots of friends along the way.

At Christmas Glenys made decorations, advent calendars and even stockings stuffed with chocolate for nurses, doctors and all the other patients on the ward.

Alison told us: “Mum started visiting the day unit when she was ill and really enjoyed it, becoming firm friends with Amanda and everyone else. She thought the care at the hospice was amazing and spent lots of time get crafty with her new friends, sewing, quilting and knitting all different things including bags, aprons and blankets.

“Mum built such strong friendships over the years and when she came to the ward for care her room was done up specially for her. It wasn’t just Mum who enjoyed coming here, I made lots of friends, especially at the carers’ meetings. I want to thank all the staff for what they did for mum and me, it made such a difference.

“We raised £6,000 for the hospice when mum died so it’s great to bring more of her creations to the Christmas stall to hopefully raise even more funds.”

The Christmas stall is now crammed with crafts and everyone who has visited has heard about Glenys and admired her wonderful wares.

Amanda added: “Glenys would have been so proud that her crafts are being sold to help others. She made a lot and gave a lot, and we will never forget all the great memories we have of her.”


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