When Ann’s husband David was a patient in our hospice in 2010, she was overwhelmed by the love and support she received from the nurses and volunteers who cared for him during his final days. 

And when he died, she decided she would become a volunteer. Now she is a Living Well Services volunteer – every week before COVID-19 put a stop to our day services, she helped out at our coffee mornings, chatting with patients, bringing them tea, coffee and cake and helping them with puzzles. 

Helping hand

She also popped into the craft room where she joined in with activities – guiding those who need a helping hand. 

“I have been a volunteer at the hospice for about six years,” said Ann, who lives in Telford. 

“I love it. David was in the hospice for a week before he died and for the last five-to-six days I was able to stay with him in his room. I got quite friendly with some of the nurses and the volunteers and I said to one of them I would love to be a volunteer. She said for me to wait for a year, which I did and then when I applied, they did not need any volunteers for about three-and-a-half years. 


“I just felt so grateful to the nurses and volunteers at the hospice. My husband was at the Princess Royal in Telford and the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital before he was moved to the hospice and the staff there were great, but they were so busy. 

“I have never known such wonderful nursing care as he got at the hospice. The peace in there was amazing.  

“There is a great community, and everyone is so friendly, and I wanted to be part of that.” 


Even during the pandemic, Ann has been keeping touch with her fellow volunteers via Facetime. “I’m quite techy for my age and it is lovely to chat to people ‘face to face’ so to speak. 

“Being a volunteer gives me such pleasure and I can’t wait to go back when all this is over. I just love meeting people and helping them. It makes me feel useful. It’s my way of giving back to the hospice.” 

Becky Farmer, team leader Day Services said: “People like Ann and our wonderful volunteers really make a difference – not only to the running of the hospice but also to all those they come in to contact with. 


“Our Living Well Services volunteers are such a help and I know how much the patients look forward to spending time with them. 

“We’re really missing our them during this pandemic and we really hope to see them soon. They provide a vital service and we are so grateful for them giving up their time for us.” 


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