Credit - Sally Ashworth Photography

Our care goes beyond wards and on Saturday we joined family and friends to make sure one couple had a wedding day to remember.

Sam Beale, 33, from Newport, Shropshire, has been cared for by our Telford hospice for the past two weeks. Her fiancé, Alec Webster, has been by her bedside every day.

Determined to have the happy memories every loving couple wants, they set about arranging their wedding in our day unit.

Joining with family and friends, we helped them plan their big day, and within a week everything was in place, including a hen and stag do on the ward.

Saturday saw Sam and Alec tie the knot, surrounded by the love of family and friends.

Following the ceremony – at which the bride wore a dress especially tailored to allow for her condition – the reception was held in a day hospice transformed for the occasion.

Delicate paper decorations, rustic wedding favours and photos and chalkboards full of Alec and Samantha’s life together helped set the romantic scene.

Ward sister at the time, Leeanne, said: “We feel so honoured to have been welcomed into Alec and Sam’s special day and we are so happy that their wish to make it happen came true.

“This really encapsulates the work we do at the hospice which is not only about clinical care – it is about ensuring that life’s special moments are cherished, especially when time is limited.

“When Sam and Alec initially mentioned the idea to me, I knew I had to do all I could to make it happen. All the planning and paperwork that takes others sometimes years to organise had to get done.

“Our creative therapist, Amanda, worked with Sam and Alec to create cufflinks for the big day with Sam’s fingerprints on, and to make a plaster mould of their hands intertwined.

“Absolutely everyone rallied around to help – we spoke with our chaplaincy team, the council and our clinical staff to arrange what was needed in regards to the legalities, Sam’s medications and care; all in addition to the usual wedding day event logistics. We were all so pleased for them, the day was absolutely magical and full of memories for them.”

Photo credit – Sally Ashworth Photography


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