One of our long-standing trainers has stepped up to the challenge of joining our board of trustees.

With a background in HR, Ann Johnson is our newest member and brings a wealth of experience.

She was appointed trustee late last year, but the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that her first 10 months have been challenging with meetings conducted on Zoom and by phone.

But now that lockdown has lifted, she is looking forward to working with the rest of the board in person and helping to shape the future of the hospice.

Ann has had a long relationship with us – she has been involved in our equality and diversity training for several years and it is this relationship which led her to accepting the offer of joining the board.

“I led a team in Oakengates in Telford on the creation of a community centre and I got to know some of the hospice team through that,” said Ann.

“Then I got a call asking me if I would consider joining the board, and I must admit I had not been expecting that at all.

“I thought about it and felt that I had something to give. I had been involved with the staff on a number of levels and felt I had a set of skills which could be useful.

“The chance to be involved at the hospice is fantastic. There will be challenges, particularly after COVID and the effects it has had on staff and human behaviour, but I am really excited about that.

“I have always been interested in learning how people behave, what makes them tick and there is some really exciting work to do.”

Ann, who also worked in accountancy and is a trained mediator, is particularly looking forward to the completion of our Living Well build in Shrewsbury.

“Most people think of the hospice as somewhere people go for end-of-life care. The Living Well Centre, I hope, will change that perception in the community and that’s really important.

“It also gives the hospice the chance to be entrepreneurial and that’s exciting, really exciting.”


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