They did it! More than 1,000 flap-tastic fundraisers danced their way into the Guinness Book of Records today, while raising thousands of pounds for us.

Sarah Bright, owner of Revel-in-Dance, organised the record breaker beating 975 people dancing the Charleston for over five minutes, with a total of £4,375 raised for us so far.

On a rainy Saturday morning at the end of September, a throng of 1,096 vintage flappers, from children to pensioners, donned their glad rags at The Quarry next to the River Severn in Shrewsbury.

Participants had to learn the routine before the event as two dance teachers acting as independent witnesses verified the authenticity of dance moves and stewards monitored the performance of every 50 dancers.

It had been a bit of flap… 39-year-old Sarah from Shrewsbury had a second little boy in June, the challenge was accepted by the Guinness World Record team in July and then it was full dance ahead! Sarah and her team ran recruitment workshops all over Shropshire, promoted the event in the press and on a regular breakfast show slot.

And after the epic efforts on the day, Sarah gathered the required substantial evidence to submit to the Guinness World Records and then waited for the attempt to be verified.

Sarah said: “I couldn’t feel happier – we did it! I held vintage ball fundraisers at The Lion Hotel for a few years but I wanted to go that extra mile because the hospice needs millions of pounds every year to continue offering their valuable and supportive service for those living with an incurable illness. That’s where the Charleston World Record came in. I got to put on a fun, feel good community event that got people smiling as well as raising thousands for the hospice and breaking  a record!”

Fundraisers held by people in the community are an invaluable contribution to us and in the last year almost 300 people running their own events for us, raising £415,000.

Community fundraising advisor, Mike, said: “I was delighted when Sarah called to tell me about her Charleston World Record idea! As a charity we need to raise £2 out of every £3 we spend therefore we rely on community champions like her. It has been fabulous seeing this develop from an idea into reality and I can’t thank Sarah, the Revel in Dance team, and the thousand or so dancers who made this happen enough. Events like this help us carry on supporting thousands of families dealing with the worst news anyone can hear.”

Follow the fundraising efforts or make a donation here.

Inspired? Find out how you could run an event for us here.



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