When Hannah told her mum that she was planning a holiday to drive across America, there was only one thing for it – she was going with her. 

Mother and daughter set off along Route 66 and it is a trip that Hannah holds very close to her heart. 

For her mum was diagnosed with cancer and she didn’t have a lengthy battle with it – it was fast and aggressive. 


She spent her last few days at Severn Hospice, and Hannah couldn’t begin to explain how much she appreciates the care that the staff not only showed her mum, but to the whole family.  

“My mum spent her last few days at Severn Hospice, and the staff were absolutely incredible. I can never ever thank them enough for everything they did for her, and for us. 

“They made mum’s agonising last few days a little more comfortable and were there for us through it all,” Hannah said. 


After her beloved mum passed away in March 2020, Hannah did all she could to raise much needed funds for us – during our 7 for Severn challenge, she decided to run 5k, cycle 20k and swim 750m each day for seven days – and she raised almost £1,000. 

Hannah, a keen swimmer, is now a proud supporter of ours and has already promised to do another endurance event to fundraise for us. 


“Like many other charities, Severn Hospice was unable to do their usual fundraisers due to Covid, and as a result they haemorrhaged money.  

“They not only provide care to terminal patients at the hospice, but also in the community and at local hospitals. The work they do here is incredible.” 


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