We’ve had the first frost of the season which means winter is well and truly on its way. At the hospice we have been busy preparing the gardens for the cold weather, cutting back faded herbaceous perennials, dividing over-grown clumps which we have replanted elsewhere.

With our minds turning to spring we have finished planting our tulips and other spring-time plants that will hopefully add a splash of colour.

PheasantDuring the cold months it is important to think about the wildlife in the garden. At the hospice we have a myriad of birds and other creatures that need a little extra help over the winter. We have a number of bird feeders at both sites which we top up on a regular basis to ensure the birds have plenty of food and water to drink. It is tremendously relaxing for our patients to watch the birds flitting from one feeder to another seeing how many different varieties they can spot. Over in Telford we have our resident pheasant that has lost his tail feathers and walks with a limp, he can often be found hanging around our Day Hospice waiting to be fed.


This week’s hints and tips

Good garden hygiene greatly reduces the chances of disease carry-over from one year to the next. If you can try to avoid composting infected leaves, diseases like rose black spot can often be controlled this way.

Now is a good time to repair and treat fences and wooden structures, especially those covered with climbing plants as they are dormant at this time of year.


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