The recent storms and bad weather have given us an opportunity to plan this year’s horticultural projects. One of the main projects we will be working on is the introduction of wild flower beds at both Bicton and Apley. As a mark of respect we will also be planting a number of Flanders poppies to commemorate 100 years since the start of the First World War. Wild and native flowers are a great addition to any garden as they encourage pollinating insects to visit.

Rubber ducksAt the hospice we have been affected by flooding not to the extent of so many people across the country but there are several areas that are off limits. By some form of miracle we have not yet had to bail out the shed but the new pond is getting dangerously close. One plus point to all the wet weather is that we seem to be attracting new forms of wildlife at Bicton.

As much as we like seeing different forms of wildlife in the gardens we are hoping that the wet weather will subside and the ground water level will get back to normal. Prolonged flooding does starve the roots of oxygen but with a bit of luck the plants and shrubs that are currently submerged in water will survive.

The only thing we have managed to get done in the garden is prune a few hedges but there are plenty of other jobs we can be getting on with, particularly in the greenhouse.


This week’s handy hints and tips

Now is a great time to clean your greenhouse as it will maximise the light and heat that comes through helping seeds to germinate. It’s also a good time to bring in garden furniture to dry off so you can clean or paint it.

If you are lucky enough to have snowdrops in your garden and would like more now is a good time to lift and divide clumps and plant them where you would like them.


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