Challenges and Adventures

Travel to one of the world’s special places to help people living with an incurable illness, and those important to them

Have you ever dreamed about the kind of once-in-a-lifetime adventure that most people only read about in magazines? Are you inspired to hike the Himalayas or view the African Plains from the heights of Kilimanjaro? Do you dream of watching daybreak through the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu or trekking across the Sahara Desert camping under crystal clear skies?

In the last year alone, fundraisers for Severn Hospice have done all of these things as well as walking sections of China’s Great Wall and climbing the UK’s three peaks –  raising thousands of pounds to enable us to support the families who need our care.

You could take on the challenge adventure of your choice and have the experience of a lifetime whilst raising funds that will really make a difference for families living with an incurable illness.

Our specialist tour operator partners Skyline Events, Charity Challenge and Global Adventure Challenges, will help you find a trip that is right for you and be with you every step of the way. We know people who have traveled with each of these companies so they come with personal recommendations.

If travelling the world isn’t quite your thing but your sense of adventure is still calling, then why not sign up for one of our twice-a-year skydiving days, where you are strapped to an instructor and jump out of a plane at 10,000ft, plummeting in free fall to 5,000ft before gliding to earth, whilst taking in spectacular views over Shropshire?

There are two ways of funding all of these adventures. Either cover the costs yourself and then raise as much as possible with our help, or raise the total target amount for each event which then includes the basic costs of participation*.

For more information or to discuss your charity adventure of a lifetime, call 01952 221 351 or email

*Event fees differ with each event and, where applicable, you will still need to pay your own flight supplements, insurances and any other additional costs directly to the tour operators.


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