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Welcome to our Christmas raffle page – you are about to do something very special for someone who needs our care. Thank you.

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Our Christmas raffle and weekly lottery helps pay for the care of one in seven of the people we look after so your support really does make a difference.

Ask Judy King. We cared for her wife Mandy and this will be Judy’s second Christmas without her.

She meant everything to me.

We were together for more than 20 years; married for 11 and had known each other for over 30. “The death the hospice enabled Mandy to have has enabled me to live without her. And the way she was beautifully cared for by the wonderful nurses and doctors there meant she was able to die pain-free, surrounded by love.

The charity must raise almost £10 million every year to ensure families can receive the level of care, love and support we did.

It’s almost impossible to say how much Severn Hospice meant to us.

This has motivated me to give something back. I’ve raised more than £9,000 so far through fundraising, joined the £1-a-week lottery, and left a legacy in my will. I learned recently that legacies help fund the care of one in five of the people cared for by the hospice.

I’m also supporting the hospice’s Christmas Raffle, which along with the weekly lottery and summer raffle draws adds about £1 million each year to the charity. Your gift to the hospice will keep giving all year round, so families can receive the incredible love and support that my Mandy and I did.

Mandy displayed an extraordinary level of acceptance. She was little yet strong, feisty yet soft, wise and gentle; so very brave and she had a wonderful giggle. An incredibly talented musician and dancer, she was well loved by so many people.

She was cared for by wonderful staff on the ward and in the community by the Outreach team.

When we first walked through the doors at Telford, we thought it had a very special energy and Mandy knew that was where she wanted to spend her last days. 

We loved being in the hospice gardens together and right to the end the peace and care there meant we could spend precious hours together.

She was in the garden most of the day when she passed away; sunglasses on, having a lovely time. Later that evening she looked me in the eye and she went. What more can you ask for?

The gift goes beyond what the hospice did for her because I don’t fear death anymore.

On behalf of Mandy and the other local families who the hospice has cared for and continues to care for, thank you for your support.

Best wishes and have a peaceful Christmas.

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