Winner hopes others will join lottery

2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for one of our supporters from Mid Wales who scooped the £2,000 top prize in our lottery.

Mrs Pauline Swain, from Llanymynech, is one of thousands of people who play our draw every week and support families living with incurable illness.

Her ticket came up trumps last month and the grandmother-of-two hopes this will inspire others to join our lottery as it celebrates its 25th anniversary in February.

Mrs Swain said: “When I found out I’d won I just laughed; I couldn’t believe I’d won. It was so unexpected and equally wonderful.

“I spent some of my winnings on a new toaster for St Agatha’s Church and I put the rest in the bank. And I’m going to treat my family to a super meal when I can get them all together.

“I haven’t told anyone about winning until now; I came forward in the hope that it encourages more people to support the hospice by joining its lottery.”

43 prizes every week

Our £1-a-week fundraiser, which gives away 43 prizes every Friday, raises nearly £1 million for families in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Mid Wales.

And Mrs Swain has been a member since its launch in 1995.

She said: “I joined through Llwyn Teg Care Home where I worked as a carer for eight years. A few years after leaving that job, I rejoined on 8th November 2008.

“Prior to this, I supported the hospice through Llanymynech Women’s Institute where I was a member. We did a fashion show on 12th May 1988 and the proceeds went to the hospice which was being built in Bicton.

“Just before it opened, the WI were given a guided tour on 9th March 1989 and I couldn’t get over how lovely the kitchens looked.”

You’ve won

Our lottery manager Karen Swindells said: “It’s a fantastic feeling when we phone our supporters to say ‘you’ve won’ and even better when they win our £2,000 top prize.

“Mrs Swain was our third big winner of the year, winning on January 17, but she’s won a smaller prize previously. When I called to tell her the good news her husband David politely asked me to call back because ‘she’s in the shower and I daren’t disturb her’. I did and they were both overjoyed.

“Like many of our supporters, Mr and Mrs Swain feel quite attached to us; we’ve cared for a few of their friends who have needed us. One particular close friend of theirs was here about 10 years ago and Mrs Swain remembers how marvellous our staff were.”

Karen added: “Our lottery is a great way to help us support families when they need us. We have 19,000 players and more than 1,300 people have won the £2,000 top prize since 1995, which is quite amazing.”

Help us continue to care. Get your £1-a-week ticket now or call our Lottery team on 01743 455319.


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