Briedden Woodland Walk At the start of a new year there is always that sense of anticipation of what the coming 12 months will hold; will the weather be kind to us, what exciting additions can we make to the gardens and so on.

The wet weather over the festive period has meant the grounds at both sites are water logged and we are starting to get the odd puddle here and there. We haven’t had to bail out the shed just yet but with more bad weather on the horizon who knows what January has in store for us.

This time of year there doesn’t look to be much happening in the garden but there are still plenty of jobs to be getting on with. This week we have been clearing borders and raking leaves ready for the spring bulbs when they start to poke through. We have also been digging over borders removing the roots of perennial weeds. This is a labour intensive job but well worth doing.

Over in the kitchen garden we are still harvesting root vegetables and starting to plan what produce we would like to grow this year.

This week’s hints and tips….

It’s important to look after the wildlife in the garden during the winter months so top up your bird baths daily and refill feeders.

Keep an eye out for diseases like downy mildew which can be difficult to spot but can wreck havoc on edible and ornamental plants. If you find discoloured blotches on the surface of the leaf or a mould-like growth on the underneath of the leaf remove it as soon as possible and dispose of them by burning or burying the affected leaves.


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