The pruning continues across both sites with the remaining hedges and shrubs getting the once over so we can try to control the growth and keep everything looking tidy. We’ve also trimmed back the Hydrangeas removing last year’s flowers without damaging this year’s buds, which will eventually become beautiful flowers.

Now we have finished clearing the Breidden walk way at our hospice in Bicton Heath we can move onto one of the major projects we hope to complete this year in Apley. Although we have a much smaller site at our Telford hospice we try to offer our patients areas for them to explore and enjoy. Over the last couple of weeks we have been clearing space for a new pathway by our Day Hospice. We’ve trimmed the hedges which had become over grown and started the level the ground so we can lay a wheelchair-friendly pathway. This is quite a major project which we hope to have completed by the summer.

We have also started to mow the many grassy areas we have at both hospices. However this was before the snow arrived, again.

The unseasonal cold snap has put a stop to some of the jobs that we would normally be doing in the garden –  if you think back to this time last year we were enjoying glorious weather. When the snow melts all the additional water may result in some more temporary water features appearing.

Hopefully the cold weather will not damage the shoots which have started to appear.

Looking after wildlife during the cold weather is important. At the hospice our patients love to see the wide variety of wildlife that comes to visit from common garden birds to the colony of rabbits that love nibbling their way through our kitchen garden.

We regularly put out food for the birds in our hanging bird feeders to keep them going over the winter months. We also have a number of squirrels that enjoy burying their nuts in the middle of the lawn and have figured out how to get to the bird feed. As well as the common garden birds we also have families of partridges and pheasants living close by which have been known to tap on the patio doors of our patients’ bedrooms looking for food.


This week’s handy hints and tips…

Now is a good time to clean the dirt and grime from patios and paved areas.

Hedges should be pruned by the end of March as the birds start to build their nests.




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