As you may suspect, the weather has a huge impact on gardening. In 2012 we had the second wettest year on record according to the Met Office which has been followed by a very snowy, cold start to 2013. All this water has left the ground waterlogged which has resulted in us having to bail out our shed on more than one occasion and several new ‘water features’ appearing in our Shrewsbury hospice garden!

Luckily most of the temporary ‘water features’ have now disappeared and we can make a start with some of the many jobs that need doing at the end of winter and beginning of spring. The bad weather has meant that things within the garden have been growing slower than normal which has meant we’ve had time to do some of the jobs on the ever expanding to do list.

We have started pruning some of the many hedges and removing some of the low lying tree branches creating more light. Another major project we have been working on is the clearing one of our walk ways at our Shrewsbury hospice. The walk way, which incorporates some of the wooded areas, had become overgrown and was inaccessible.

After many hours of hard work we have cleared the path way, thinned out some of tree branches and shrubs creating more light for other plants to thrive. Before we carried out the work, this area was very dark and uninviting for patients but since we have cleared it all some of our patients have been enjoying the walk and admiring the Snowdrops which have started to flower.

Despite the slow start to the year we do have some plants that are starting to flower, adding a splash of colour to the garden. Snowdrops, Leucojum vernum (giant snowdrops), Hellebores, Primroses and Crocuses are just some of the plants in bloom at the minute. We hope the Daffodils will soon start to flower.

This week’s handy hints and tips…

When the ground is frozen or waterlogged the best thing you can do is leave it until the water has drained away and the ground has thawed.

Now is a good time to remove any low branches from trees and shrubs.


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