We’ve got a new logo but our commitment to the community hasn’t changed.

Severn Hospice is always evolving and adapting to ensure it can stay true to its promise of providing the best care possible to families living with an incurable illness.

This is why we are extending and enhancing our services and buildings at Shrewsbury and Telford.

And it’s why we’ve updated our logo.

We are relying on the generosity of the community we serve to help us raise the £8 million a year we spend directly on care.

We are competing for people’s attention in a world of many distractions to secure that support.

We need a logo which will help us stand out and be seen and heard, so people know who we are, what we do and why their help matters.

We last changed our logo in 2004 – the year Facebook was born. A lot has happened since then; to us and the world. Twitter came along in 2006 and the first iPhones a year later. No-one knew what catch-up TV was and a very different internet was barely ten years old.

It was a digital revolution at the time but now is something we’re all used to and take for granted.

The new logo reflects the organisation we have evolved to become and will stand out prominently and proud in all the places where people see us.

As a charity, we have to raise £2 for every £3 we spend – and we spend 88p of every £1 directly on care (with the remaining 12p used to raise another £1).

The new logo is an investment to ensure we continue to be prominent and register as one of the first local charities that come to mind when people think about who to support.


Behind the design

Shapes and fonts

The design takes two abstract shapes and interlocks them to form a single, new shape.

The interlocking shapes represent how our services overlap, integrate and form one complete whole that is something more than the sum of its parts. The heart shape created surrounds the community at its centre.

The shapes take their design cues from the old ‘S’, which itself is designed with the meandering River Severn in mind. The Severn is the unifying feature across the geography of our patch and the heart shape symbolises the unity of care that we provide.




We wanted our logo to convey that sense of us being more than a building, about us being a service which provides care where it is needed. We also wanted something which talked about our community credentials.

Straplines are used to add information to logos and we wanted to underline the work we do in people’s homes in particular.

The here tells people that we are everywhere and wherever they are; it’s not just about care, it’s about our presence in the community.



The roll out will be managed over a number of months, easily running beyond 18 months.

Our plan is to manage a roll out that will be of no cost or low cost, taking advantage of business-as-usual. We will prioritise our implementation plan so we target what needs to be changed within six months, within 12 months and then within 18 months.

We are looking at a prioritised list for change so we can implement the new look in a managed and cost-efficient way.  Our approach is to see where change would have the most impact on awareness, prioritising those places which have the lowest or no cost.

Costs to date have been kept to a minimum and this approach will continue. There is no additional cost to gradually replacing consumables, for example, or producing anything that is a new requirement.

We can take advantage of opportunities too and have negotiated discounts with our suppliers.

Indeed, when Reech Media won the competitive pitch to take on our design brief, they not only gave us a discounted rate but they also provided some of their services for free as part of their own community commitment.

Everyone would accept we should invest in the future of our buildings and our services. Updating our logo so it continues to work hard for us is also an investment in our future fundraising.

We are competing for attention – and donations – so need to stand out and be clear about who we are and what we do.

To get from brief to finished designs cost less than £3,000.

We are an £11 million organisation and our working presumption is that we can achieve the change we want for less than £20,000 (less than half of one per cent of our annual expenditure).

We are making the change to have more impact in order to raise awareness of our work in order to generate more income and to support our future plans.

We are managing the roll out so we balance the value of making an impact and having the new logo working hard for us as soon as possible against the cost of making that change.


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