In gardens across the country aphids also known as greenfly cause havoc destroying a wide variety of plants. The gardens at the hospice are no exception, the lupins at our Telford hospice have been decimated by greenfly this year. The infestation has been so bad that we’ve had to cut them right back which is a real shame as they added a real splash of colour to the main entrance. The harsh winter seems to have had a real impact on the number of ladybirds we have in the garden. Without their natural predators we’ve had to resort to other methods to deal with the greenfly.

At both sites we have been busy preparing for the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ judging next month. This year’s theme is ‘Incredible Edibles’ so we’ve been working hard in our kitchen gardens and in the greenhouse sowing seeds which will hopefully be ready in time. The RHS campaign encourages local community groups to get involved making the most of their outdoor spaces.

We have finally finished burning the winter cuttings which couldn’t be composted this week and we have taken delivery of four tonne of manure which we will be distributing over the coming weeks.

Over in Shrewsbury we have been filling the raised flower beds with some more bedding plants kindly donated by Shrewsbury Town Council which we are hoping the rabbits will leave alone.

Our volunteers have been working hard to keep on top of the never-ending weeds so the gardens are looking really good.


This week’s hints and tips

Once you’ve finished the washing up the left over water can be put to good use in the garden. As well as providing some much needed moisture it will also help to get rid of greenfly.

Planning ahead is the secret to a good a garden, now is a good time to start thinking about next year’s spring flowers.


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