Outreach nurses

Our Outreach nurses – previously known as Clinical Nurse Specialists – provide expert advice and support to patients and those closest to them.

The team visit patients at home and give specialist advice on the complex physical and psychological effects of living with an incurable illness, as well as providing clinical care when required.

They work closely with other healthcare professionals involved with a patient’s care, such as GPs and District Nurses.

What to expect

Referrals to our Outreach team are often made at an early stage in a patient’s illness.

Once you have been referred, your Outreach nurse will telephone you to have a chat about your needs. Sometimes advice over the phone may be all that you require but in most cases your nurse will work with you to arrange a home visit.

At your first home visit, your Outreach nurse will make a full assessment of your care needs and plan any ongoing support you may need in the future.


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