We are celebrating a decade of friendships, and care and compassion thanks to ‘life-changing’ Compassionate Communities.

Our caring commitment extends beyond helping those with a life-limiting illness.

Since 2010 our Compassionate Communities initiative has created more than 25 volunteer networks across Shropshire, offering a dedicated befriending service to people who need it most.

“We want people to know they are not alone.” ~ Dee McNeil, Brown Clee Co Co group co-ordinator

Becoming frail or living with a long term illness can lead to becoming socially isolated and vulnerable. This, in turn, often leads to chronic loneliness which, in itself, can lead to a health crisis.

“Most of the time it’s just myself and my mum. I look forward to our visitor, Vanessa. A fresh and friendly face is always welcome. It breaks up the monotony for us and means my mum can nip to the shops without leaving me on my own.” ~ Knockin Co Co member

Co Co makes a difference by working with local people and their GPs’ surgery to develop a network of local volunteers who will visit and befriend someone who needs support to stay connected to those around them.

”I am over the moon, I just can’t believe my luck. There couldn’t have been a more perfect volunteer for me. There are no awkward silences we just chat freely. I can’t wait for the spring when we can sit in the garden together.” ~ Pontesbury Co Co member

Our community knowledge and expertise in working with volunteers means that we are well placed to help these communities create their networks and become self-sufficient in offering their services locally.

If you would like our help to create your own Co Co network, please get in touch.

These are the Co Co networks near you today.

For further details please contact Paul Cronin or Garry Kirlew on 01743 236565 or 01952 221350.


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