Rubber ducks front pondSpring is a busy time of the year for any gardener. The recent spell of good weather has meant that we have been able to make a start with the numerous jobs that need doing at both sites.

Over in Apley we have started mowing the large lawn at the back of the hospice which is over looked by patient bedrooms and our Day Hospice. As the ground is still a bit waterlogged in places over in Bicton, the rubber ducks are still with us and we have only been able to mow certain areas. The change in weather has also marked the return of the dreaded weeds which we are trying to keep on top of before they become established.

In the last week our wonderful volunteers have been working hard mulching beds and borders. Mulching is important as it improves the soil around plants and can reduce the amount of time spent watering and wedding. In summer mulch helps retain water and in winter it can protect the roots from frost.

After cleaning out the greenhouses we have started sowing seeds for the kitchen garden which we hope to plant out later in the year. This year’s crops include leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, and beetroot to name but a few.


This week’s hints and tips

If you are cutting your lawn for the first time this year set the blade height on your mower to the highest setting gradually reducing it as you start to mow it more frequently.

If you have problems with moss in your lawn apply spring fertiliser and moss killer during fine days.


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