How we're responding to COVID-19

Our priority is always our patients.

Anyone staying with us is particularly vulnerable, and especially so to COVID-19, so we are asking you to support us in keeping our patients safe.

Visitors are still welcome whenever they wish, however, we have introduced additional measures to ensure we are giving patients as much protection as possible.

In order to reduce their risk of exposure to infection, we are requesting that only immediate family visit anyone staying with us.

If at all possible, please keep family groups as small as possible and consider timing your visits so only two family members visit at any one time.

Once here, please ensure you observe all the hygiene precautions we have in place. They are there for the protection of everyone at the hospice.

Under no circumstances should you visit us if:

  • You have any symptoms of COVID-19. Public Health England lists the most common symptoms as:
    • new continuous cough and/or
    • high temperature
  • You are in a period of self-isolation because of contact with others who are ill or have the symptoms

We will keep updating these sections of the website as we need to and will also be sharing the latest information on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Please take care and get in touch if you have any questions.


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