How we're responding to the new variant of COVID-19

Our priority is always our patients.

Anyone staying with us is particularly vulnerable, and especially so to COVID-19, so we are asking you to support us in keeping our patients safe.

We know how important visiting is for patients, their families and friends so we are doing all we can to allow them to continue.

You are always welcome to visit someone staying at the hospice but we have introduced some temporary measures to reduce the risk of our patients being exposed to infection and to ensure we
remain COVID-secure.

Unless you are informed otherwise by a member of ward staff, visiting hours are currently limited to:
• 2pm-4pm
• 6pm-8pm

In order to reduce the risk of our patients being exposed to infection, we are restricting the number of all visitors for now.

Until further notice, we will only allow two people at a time into a person’s room and you must wear the protective equipment we will provide for you before entering the ward area: a facemask, gloves and an apron.

Visitors must observe all the hygiene precautions we have put in place – these are for the benefit of patients, you and our staff.

We ask you do all you can to time your visit with other family and friends so you do not create a large group while waiting to see someone, regardless of whether or not you are part of the same household.

Social distancing rules apply at the hospice as they do everywhere else and we don’t have the space to safely accommodate everyone.

Please bear in mind that you will not be able to congregate or wait in the gardens either – we simply can’t ensure everyone’s safety if more than one group does this, so we can’t allow any group to do this, even if they are part of the same household. You will have to wait inside your car.

The hospice staff are here to care for patients so please do all you can to ensure they are able to focus on that task. Follow any instructions they give, they are trying to help and ensure that everyone who wants to can visit safely.

Under no circumstances should you visit us if:

· You have any symptoms of COVID-19. Public Health England lists the most common symptoms as:

o new continuous cough and/or

o high temperature

o loss of sense of smell or taste

· You are in a period of self-isolation because of contact with others who are ill or have the symptoms

We will keep updating these sections of the website as we need to and will also be sharing the latest information on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

We have summarised our information for visitors and you can print off a copy for yourself by clicking this link.

Please take care and get in touch if you have any questions.


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