There’s a bit of confusion in the garden at the moment. The mild weather is having a real impact at both sites and we are starting to see signs that normally mean spring is on the way. We have roses that are still flowering but at this time of year there shouldn’t be any flowers or leaves on them at all. The hundreds of daffodil bulbs we planted towards the end of last year are further along than they normally would be at the end of January. If the weather turns and we get snow and sub-zero temperatures like last January we are hoping it won’t kill off everything that has started to grow.

The wet weather has meant we have had to stop digging over the ground as it’s a bit too soggy and will damage the soil structure. At both sites we are preparing to start the mammoth task of trimming the perimeter hedges.

During the bad weather we’ve had chance to look at seed catalogues over a cup of tea and a biscuit. Trying to narrow down the selection is always difficult but with a limited budget we have to be selective and pick what will work with the existing gardens. As we have very little to spend we are always glad of any kind donations for the garden. We will always try to find a good home for anything we receive.


This week’s handy hints and tips

If the grass is frosty try not to walk on it as it will damage the grass and leave brown footprints on your lawn.

Try to remove moss, fallen leaves and other detritus from paths as they cause slip hazards.


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