Bee on lavendar smallBees play an important role in the garden pollinating flowers and they are also vital to our food chain. In recent years we have seen a steady decline in bee populations due to disease and environmental changes which is having an impact on gardens across the country.

At the hospice we try to do all that we can to encourage bees and other wildlife to visit our gardens. We have planted a wide variety of plants and shrubs which attract bees including lavender, poppies, alliums and buddleia.

We are very fortunate to have our very own beehive at our hospice in Shrewsbury which has recently been introduced by Garry Kirlew who works in our Education department. Garry has recently completed his practical and theory beekeeping course and wanted to put his new skills to the test. With the help of Brian Goodwin from Shropshire Beekeepers, Garry was able to catch a swarm which randomly turned up at the hospice one day when Garry was teaching. The hive is located in one of the paddocks at the back of the hospice which is far enough away so the bees won’t be a nuisance to patients but is close enough for the bees to work their magic in the gardens. We hope  the bees will start producing honey next year.


 This week’s hints and tips…..

Now is good time to prepare soil for sowing lawn seed in September and October.

Prolong  the flowering season of summer bedding plants by regularly dead-heading them.


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