Autumn LeavesAutumn has well and truly arrived, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to fall. At both sites we have started to put the gardens to bed for the winter, cutting back herbaceous perennials dressing them with leaf mulch. Whilst the weather has been quite mild we have been mowing the lawns but have raised the height of the blade as the lawns aren’t growing as quickly as they did in summer.

Although things are starting to slow down in the gardens we are still weeding on a regular basis so the gardens look their best. In Shrewsbury we’ve started to mark out a new shrub bed. We are on the lookout for shrubs to plant so if anyone has any spare shrubs they would like to donate to the hospice we’d gladly take them off your hands.

We’ve also started the lengthy process of trimming the many hedges we have, particularly at our Telford site. We are able to trim most of them relatively quickly but with the Laurel hedges we have to trim them by hand.

Over in the kitchen gardens in Shrewsbury we have started to sow onions, garlic, broad beans and spring cabbage which hopefully won’t be eaten by the rabbits over the winter.


This week’s handy hints and tips

If you’re having a bonfire to get rid of some garden waste always check that there are no sleeping hedgehogs sheltering.

Now is a good time to start planting bulbs for next spring. Crocuses add a splash of colour to any garden and can be planted in lawns.


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